How to Play Bingo and Tips to Win at VIPPH Casino Latest

Not everyone knows how to play bingo to win quickly. This is a fairly simple game and suitable for all ages. To help you learn more about this game. Today VIPPH would like to introduce to readers how to play bingo and tips to win. Let’s follow along.

Overview of Bingo Game

Overview of Bingo Game

Bingo is a game that has been around for a long time in western countries. Bingo has a fairly simple gameplay and is similar to the Vietnamese lottery. Players only need to arrange the numbers or game symbols according to the game’s rules to win.

This game is often played in large gatherings, and many people can play at the same time. The winner will be the person who matches the most tiles together in the game. This is a quite simple game but extremely attractive. Players can both be entertained and train their brains.

Today, science and technology are developing and to meet customer needs, many games are built in online form. Bingo is the same, this game has been designed to be played on phone operating system platforms. That’s why the attraction of this game is increasing. Players just need to find a reputable bookmaker, register an account and start experiencing.

The most popular how to play Bingo today

The most popular how to play Bingo today

In the online game market, there are two most popular ways to play bingo: 75-ball bingo and 90-ball bingo. Let’s learn more about these two ways to play.

How to play 75-ball Bingo

With this way of playing, players will be given a bingo board of 25 squares. These 25 squares will be divided into 5 vertical rows and 5 horizontal rows.

The first column starting from the letter B of the word bingo will have 1-15 random numbers. Next is the second column starting from I will have 16-30 which are any numbers. According to each letter, the numbers inside are in order 31-45 and 46-60. The last letter O will contain any number from 61 to 75.

As soon as the game starts, the dealer will start spinning the numbers in the most random way. If the dealer’s random numbers match the numbers on the player’s board. If it appears randomly horizontally, vertically or diagonally then that person is the winner.

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How to play 90 ball Bingo

Compared to 75-ball bingo, 90-ball bingo is more popular. Because this game is more attractive to players as well as the player receives a much larger winning bonus than 75 balls.

In 90-ball bingo, participants must spend money to buy cards designed by the dealer to have 3 horizontal rows and 9 vertical rows. Each horizontal row is divided into 9 squares. Of these 9 squares, 5 squares have numbers and 4 are blank.

Just like bingo75, the column on the card also contains random characters. However, in bingo 90 the numbers only range from 1 to 10 and from 11-20, 21-30 to 81-90 respectively.

Tips to win at bingo

Tips to win at bingo

Once you have grasped the most popular ways to play bingo above, VIPPH would like to share with you tips to win this game. Please continue to follow along.

Balance your finances when playing

Before participating in this bingo game, players need to accurately balance their financial capabilities. To make a reasonable decision on how many bingo tickets to buy. Balancing your finances when playing will help you never lose all your money. And it also gives you the most chance of winning.

Participate in rounds from small to large

In the game of bingo there are many rounds of play. And let players choose the rounds that best suit them. Most bookmakers divide the rounds into different levels and amounts. In addition to the two popular types of 75 and 90 balls. VIPPH also has rounds from 40 to 60 balls. The number of balls is similar to the difficulty of the rounds. The more balls, the higher the difficulty. However, the higher the difficulty, the larger the reward.

Therefore, for new players, one piece of advice is to play from rounds with few balls first. Once you have experience and tips, you can gradually switch to a more glossy type of floor.

Use the money you have appropriately

Using the money you have appropriately will help you avoid overplaying with the original amount you spent. When your money shows signs of decreasing, the first thing you should do is spread out the remaining money evenly to play. This will reduce your chances of losing and increase your chances of winning.


The article above summarizes how to play bingo and tips to win, surely you have a better understanding of this game. I hope that through this sharing, you have made truly suitable choices for yourself when experiencing this game. Wishing you lots of fun and good luck in your bingo games.

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